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Luxury Handmade Women's Handbags can be bought for less than $90

women bags Oct 5, 2022

Today we are going to talk about 5 types of Luxury women's handbags that are bought from the market for less than $100.

01. BeauToday 62036 Leather Texture  Shoulder Female Handmade Handbags

BeauToday 62036

Remarks: sizes are measured by hand, 1-3cm error is normal.
Cow leather upper
High defensive fabric material  lining
Texture acrylic chain
Colors: Black, Brown, Yellow, Green
Good quality

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02. BeauToday 61011 Crossbody Handmade Female Bags

BeauToday 61011

Remarks: sizes are measured by hand, 1-3cm error is normal.
Cow Leather+fabric upper
Cotton fabric material  lining
Feather Down
Colors: Black, Beige
Good quality

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03. LA FESTIN 621607 Luxury Original One-shoulder Underarm Female Bag

LA FESTIN 621607


Model number: 621607
Weight: 0.82lb
Bag height: 11.5cm/4.5in
Depth: 6.5cm/2.5in
Width: 21cm/8.2in
Shoulder strap length: 27-48cm/10.6-18.9in

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04. BeauToday 61016 Handmade Female Shoulder Handbags

BeauToday 61016 

Remarks: sizes are measured by hand, 1-3cm error is normal

Genuine cow leather upper

Microfiber lining

Hand carry

Solid color

Size: 21*7.5*21cm

Colors: Black, Brown, Red, Green


Good quality

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05. La Festin 620902 Split Leather Luxury Female Shoulder Bags

La Festin 620902

Brand Story

LA' FESTIN is a French independent designer brand
Mr. La and Ms. Fei co-founded the business in 2011. Is motivated by the beauty of life and the independence of women.
We consider retro, contemporary, aestheticism, and romance to be the primary aesthetic concepts. Which adheres to the design of the original bag.

Every day and Fantastic, Traditional and Modern
These seemingly contradictory ideas are the brand's foundation.
Every bag designed by LA FESTIN is created with both aesthetic and functional considerations in mind. The brand is driven by a focus on the past and nostalgia
Through the film filter, each image of LA' FESTIN is rich in texture and narrative.

The brand we cherish never has only one side, and neither will our story be resolved. The mission of LA's FESTIN is not limited to bag production. Which also seeks to create eternal works and personality "Manifestos" that celebrate contemporary women.

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