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The role of the internet in Global Marketing

Marketing Apr 28, 2022

The internet and its associated technology have provided an economical and efficient way for global marketing to create additional advanced activities to market their products and services. When we are considering global marketing changes with the COVID 19 pandemic, most companies realized that to survive they have to change their traditional marketing plans into digital marketing. Internet affects the activities of marketing channels in different ways. As communication channels, its functions are to inform customers or buyers about the availability and characteristics of suppliers’ products and facilitate buyers to communicate with the company. And when we take the transaction channels, it facilitates financial exchanges between buyers and sellers. As well as the internet had a positive impact on attitudinal, resource-related; information-related, and network-related aspects.

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The effects of the internet on global marketing are making it easier for companies to participate in foreign markets. Globally roll ou new products. Making it easier for companies to offer globally standardized products or services and more often use customer-related activities. It helps the company to make globally coordinated competition moves. The internet has given a richness of information involved in a transaction and the number of people that it could reach. There are a lot of advantages when a company uses the internet for its global marketing. the internet can increase sales and it can decrease costs. Because the web advertisements reach several customers all over the world. Companies can market their product overseas from their living room, while large cooperators have access to the consumers across the world 24 hours a day by using the internet.

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Global shippers, such as UPS and FedEx, provide easy international logistics for product expansions. The biggest advantage is the ability to reach huge, grooving target markets to increase corporate market share and profits. Countries such as India and China have a developing middle class with large disposable income. It was very easy to customize websites for each international country that can reflect local customers, currency, and advertising messages. Managers usually have numerous conversations with local partners and visit the country several times via the internet, the need for such contacts is minimized, and cultural differences may not be as apparent. To avoid cultural pitfalls, many entrepreneurs use internet discussion groups to become familiar with local customers' trends and laws.

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Before the advent of the internet, information traveled around the world via telephone, television, or print large exporting companies that were working on advances in technology would have access to the world have access to the newest information, but small businesses would have to hunt for the information on their own. The internet has allowed small businesses instant access to any new product developments and technological advanced that can help improve their products and compete with larger companies. The way that small exporting businesses exchange information has changed drastically since the internet has become popular during t pandemic. They did not have the financial resources to arrange large meetings with suppliers or developers that would require air travel and accommodation expenses. Now, through email, online video conferencing, and document-exchange websites, they can collaborate with developers and vendors all over the world inexpensively and with a full exchange of necessary information. When we are looking at those things, one of the most significant effects that the internet has on global markets for businesses is the ability for them to reach an international audience for a very low cost. A corporate website can become a marketing resource for a company that can be accessed by anyone in the world. Social networking websites allow companies to interact with millions of potential clients worldwide at no cost.

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The Internet provides a fundamentally very different environment for international Marketing. More and more organizations will have more liberty to find a product or service where it can best be produced. Instead of near its market. So, these advanced technologies and ever-changing market communication developed a new and innovative marketplace for end-users. In that case, businesses have to stay on top by ensuring their endeavors in the field of online marketing and advertising. The Internet can also play a critical role in the diffusion of new products within and across countries. Companies can use the web to inform potential adopters of new products or planned launches around the world. Online hype and buzz can also give interest to the innovation. And the internet creates price transparency for customers and distributors alike by opening a window on a company’s prices for a particular item around the world. It now takes only a few mouse clicks to gather and compare price and product attribute information for a given product from the different markets where the product is sold. The internet has also brought momentous changes to international distribution strategies. Earlier there were sometimes up to seven layers of distribution between the manufacturer and the end-users. But ne internet has the potential to cut out scores of middlemen. With the rise of the internet, distributors will need to look into novel ways to build competencies. For example, one potential downside of can adds value for their customers by collecting, interpreting, and disseminating information.

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From a communication perspective, global marketers can leverage the internet in two ways, the first role is as a pure advertising medium. This can be done via banner ads, search engine advertising, or more sophisticated forms of online advertising. The second role is as a communication medium that enables the company to build customer ties. Customers anywhere around the world can be targeted via web advertisements, advertising messages can be customized to individual prospects. Advertisers can save money by sending the right message to the right people. As a result, the relevance of an online ad can be much higher than for ads using traditional media tools. Online advertisers can experiment with different creative messages. Based on the experimental findings they can replace overnight one message with another one. One form of online advertising which is going increasing in popularity is search engine advertising. Advertisers only pay a fee to the search engine provider when users click on the link or place an order. Other internet advertising forms include banner ads, e-mail ads, video ads, and Google Maps ads. Apart from online advertising, global online marketers can also use the web for non-traditional communication campaigns to build up their brand image.

The internet offers great potential as a global interactive advertising channel. One-to-one marketing to customers anywhere in the world is no longer a pipe dream. Marketers should not overlook the challenges that international internet marketing poses. Some of those barriers are structural and may be difficult to overcome such as government regulations, cultural barriers, lack of broadband access, the knowledge barrier, and another thing, building a website does not automatically mean that customers worldwide will beat a path to our door. Customers need to be satisfied with the site. Also, the site should be continuously updated and refreshed to show first-time visitors to come back. Overall, we can say the internet provides a fundamentally very different environment for international marketing. Marketers have experienced many different digital media platforms that allow them to consider and cover larger global markets and grow their businesses to an international environment rapidly and conveniently. Nevertheless, at times they face some challenging issues in an online business that requires that immediate and timely response to show, otherwise they will fail in their business.